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The Itinerant Music Hall / devised


Roll up! Roll up! And gather round the Itinerant Music Hall: a rag-tag troupe of three delightful miscreants, they reel into town and tell you their tales of woe. Varsickle Tilley, Glass Eye and Piccadilly Johnny, refugees from the beginning of the new century, are on a journey to find their way back home - on an old upright honky tonk piano, strapped onto a bicycle.


Director: Jessica Edwards

Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

Varsickle Tilly: James Rowland

Glass Eye Charlie: Pete Ashmore

Piccadilly Johnnie: Kate Adams


Originally commissioned by the Lyric Hammersmith / Watford Palace Theatre / GDIF / Latitude Festival, touring in summer 2014


Jekyll & Hyde / Jonathan Holloway


A bold new adaptation re-imagining Dr Jekyll as a radical female scientist seeking to break the bonds of her gender. The first collaboration between Flipping the Bird and Red Shift.


Director: Jessica Edwards

Composer: Laurence Osborn

Producer: Francesca Moody

Designer: Joanna Scotcher

Light: Josh Carr

Movement: Fionn Cox Davies

Costume: Grace Nicholas

Jekyll/Hyde: Cristina Catalina

Utterson: Michael Edwards

Enfield: Leo Wan

St.John: Elliott Rennie

Worsfield: Joel Phillimore


Opened at the Assembly Roxy at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2013. Transferred to the Southwark Playhouse in September 2013.

The Box by Phoebe Eclair-Powell


Tell us a secret. What is your fantasy? Anything to confess? Anything to declare? A one-to-one interactive experience in an old-fashioned peep show booth, THE BOX explores identity, gender, regret, and fantasy. Emotional stripping, based on real life experiences, THE BOX is titillating, silly, dark and sexy. Do you dare? 


Director: Jessica Edwards

Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

The Madame: Alice Bounce

Man: Fionn Cox-Davies

Woman: Stephanie Day / Harriet Madeley


Commissioned by Theatre Delicatessen as part of SPACED2014


Opened at Marylebone Gardens in March 2014, then transfered to Latitude Festival in July 2014

Notes from Underground / Fyodor Dostoesky 


Closeted in his fetid St Petersburg apartment, the Underground Man is writing. About himself. Struggling with desperation, self-loathing, and cripping arrogance. Unintentionally hilarious, dark, and unexpectedly profound, Notes from Underground is a grotesque amplification of everyone's social anxiety.


Director: Jessica Edwards

Adaptation: Max Gill

Movement: Fionn Cox Davies

Underground Man: Peter Clements 

The Men: Oliver Gatten / Martin Mccreadie/ Damien Hasson / Sam Freeman

Liza: Paloma Oakenfold 


First performed at the Etcetera Theatre in 2011.

Chicken Skin / devised


Five child-like characters find themselves in an abandoned restaurant. They turn it into the world of Chicken skin: where animals talk, fathers are frightening and souls get lost.


Director / designer: Jessica Edwards

Movement: Fionn Cox Davies

Man: Joel Phillimore

Woman: Martha Ellis Leach

Boy: Peter Shenai

Girl: Phoebe Eclair-Powell

Storyteller: Oliver Mann


Originally scratched as a site specific piece in Holywell Brasserie, a bankrupted restaurant in Oxford. Shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2012. 

FOUND! / devised


How much would you be willing to share with a stranger? FOUND! is an interactive, crowd-embedded piece exploring intimacy and secret sharing. Turn up at your appointed time, and someone will come and find you...


Director / designer: Jessica Edwards

Performers: Joel Phillimore / Bekah Sparrow / James Manning / Becky Young / Sophia Satchell-Baeza / Rob Hoare-Nairne


Scratched at Brasenose College Oxford, FOUND! transferred to the Old Vic Tunnels in September 20111.

Antigone / Sophocles

Antigone, displaced into an underground S&M club. Creon controls the city with an intense mix of amphetamines, music and sexual depravity. Only Antigone stands against him. Re-worked for the concerns of a modern audience in a new verse translation, Antigone was originally performed as an immservie experience in the cellar nightclub in Oxford, May 2010.


Director / designer: Jessica Edwards

Adaptation: Rob Williams

Music: Laurence Osborn

Antigone: Phoebe Eclair-Powell

Creon: Chris Adams

Haimon: Jeremy Neumark-Jones

Torch by Phoebe Eclair-Powell

Is this what you imagined growing up to be? TORCH is a whole life lived out over one night. Fusing songs by iconic female performers – from Patti Smith to Taylor Swift – with moments of poetic honesty. Part gig, part reflecting and refracted stories, this is a riotous trip through one young woman coming to terms with loneliness.


Director: Jessica Edwards

Performer: Jess Mabel Jones

Designer: Amelia Jane Hankin

Light: Zoe Spurr

Sound: Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

Stage Management: Anna Hunscott

Producer: Rosalyn Newbery

Opened at Latitude Festival 2016, previewed at the New Diorama and ran at the Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival 2016.

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